A bit of added value today as we bring you not one, but two websites of the day. The first, rosskempfolds.tumblr.com was trending on Twitter this week, and seemingly within minutes we also had kempfolds.blogspot.com.

Now isn’t that just exactly why we all love the internet? Two sites, doing exactly the same utterly pointless, yet brilliantly juvenile thing. And isn’t that just why we love social media? Without it, we might never have known about them. There was some tweeting about who was doing it first, but that soon settled when credit was given where it was due.

And all these two sites do is present a stream of pictures of TV “hard man” Ross Kemp, folded into weird and wonderful gurning portraits.

You wouldn’t think one face could be folded so many entertaining ways, but Kemp seems to have the features to carry it off.

Like I said: pointless, but very, very funny.

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