There’s a song in your head right now, isn’t there? You know there is. It’s been there a few days. No matter what else you listen to, it keeps creeping back into your consciousness, quietly at first then with increasing enthusiasm.

I’m not talking about that “last thing I heard before I left the house this morning” annoying track that’s stuck in your brain for no good reason (usually the theme tune to Postman Pat in my case). You can get rid of that as soon as you plug in your headphones for the morning commute.

No, this is that song that you’ve heard somewhere that’s become your new internal anthem. Your current favourite. Your new "jam".

Up until now, the only way to share it was by grabbing anybody you know and trying to sing it to them. But the lovely people at have found a better way.

Sign in with your Twitter or Facebook details and they’ll immediately find anybody you know who’s a member, which at the moment is the only way to get into this invite-only beta version.

If you’re in luck, you’ll soon be sharing your jams and seeing what everybody else's are too.

It’s a great new way to find new music, and old forgotten favourites, and we reckon this could be huge when it comes out of testing.

One to watch. Or listen to. Oh, you know what I mean...

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