Once upon a time, I would have done just about anything for a fiver. Don’t panic, I’m not hinting at a past full of vice and petty crime, but when I was growing up, £5 was considered a sizeable amount of money.

It’s not any more, obviously. In fact, these days, you’re doing well in city centre bars if you can get a single drink for that price, let alone a whole round.

So, at www.fivesquids.co.uk it’s quite surprising to see what people will still do for a fiver.

Many of these people are small businesses, trying to make a name and offering their services at knockdown prices to get a good reputation.

Other people are just chancing their arm and having a bit of a laugh, and possibly even making a few quid.

We love this idea. It’s a great way to make your mark in a crowded market and it’s fun seeing just what some people will actually offer.

Still no movement on my “clean and iron all my shirts” request, but fingers crossed…

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