As the last rolls of the dice hit the craps tables over in Las Vegas and the casinos, bars and, let's face it, strip clubs see the final departures of men sporting Android t-shirts, it's time for a quick CES 2012 round-up. 

It's been a hell of a week with an absolute barrage of new tech being thrown at us from all angles. Now, all that remains to do is to sit back and soak up the stats and reflect on what has gone before us.

"The 2012 CES was the most phenomenal show in our history, generating more energy and excitement across every major industry touching technology than ever before," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, owner and producer of the International CES.

"The breadth and depth of the 2012 CES, which featured more innovative technology products than anywhere else on Earth, is a testament to the dynamic and innovative global consumer technology industry, which will reach $1 trillion globally this year."

Indeed it is Gary, indeed it is.

So without further ado here is the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in numbers....

3,100 - The number of technology companies that showed up in Nevada to show off their new toys.

153,000 - The amount of industry professionals (yes, professionals) that turned up to play with them.

34,000 - The amount of international attendees that took a flight to Vegas for the expo.

20,000 - The number of new products that were launched at the show.

100 - The percentage of CES attendees who were gutted to hear that the Adult Entertainment Expo had been rescheduled so as it no longer clashed with the tech gathering.

44 - The amount of years that CES has been running for.

6.68 - The thickness in mm of the Huawei Ascend P1 S - the world's slimmest smartphone, unveiled at CES 2012.

2 - The amount of antihistamine tablets it took to knock out one member of team Pocket-lint, leaving us a man-shy at an "off the hook" industry party.

1,861,000 - Net square feet of exhibit space at the multiple expo venues including the LVCC and the convention rooms at the Venetian Hotel.

50 - The amount of cents of the best rapper present at the show.

2 - The amount of 55-inch OLED TV sets unleashed in Vegas; one from LG and one from Samsung.

80 - The number of dollars lost on the craps table by two Pocket-linters after being drunkenly fooled into thinking they understood how to play.

10 - The amount of minutes it took to lose that $80.

9 - The number of different Ultrabooks that were unveiled at the show.

0 - The amount of tigers, babies and dead hookers present in team Pocket-lint's hotel rooms after heavy Vegas nights, proving that movies can be somewhat exaggerated.

214 - The amount of stories on Pocket-lint tagged as CES2012, a number that is sure to grow over the next few days - all of which can be found on our dedicated CES 2012 homepage.

3.5 - The average number of hours sleep per night of team Pocket-lint during the week.

50 - The cost, in GBP, of pocket dialling a Czech mobile phone for 17 minutes whilst roaming in the States.

Total Score = 2,071,671.18