Is it just me, or is January 2012 the longest month in recorded existence? Christmas seems like aeons ago, the weather has turned Baltic and just about everybody seems to have kicked the booze, stubbed out the smokes and is now eating salad, muesli and lentils with a self-righteous grimace on their face (probably due to their mild inward panic about where the nearest serviceable toilet is). What’s happened to the world?

We need a laugh. Something that will remind us that we need to lighten up a bit.

Thank goodness then for a “news” site with an eye for sabotaging the headlines and a tongue firmly in its cheek. This should help us all through these difficult early weeks of the new year.

It’s cut from similar cloth to the Daily Mash and with apps, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to keep you updated, you’ll never have to stray too far without a timely reminder that life’s too short to take all that seriously.

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