“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” It’s as true now as it was when Keats first wrote that in the 19th Century. But these days we all want more. Our attention spans are shorter and we find inspiration in different things. Lots of different, beautiful things.

If you’re somebody who needs to surround yourself with beautiful things, kuvva.com can help.

They’ve signed up some of the word’s best artists and illustrators to create, as they say themselves, “visual awesomeness” for us to brighten up our digital lives.

With Kuvva, you can have a gorgeous new wallpaper delivered to you every day of the week, for your desktop and Twitter homepage.

Create an account and you can set up favourites for your own personal stream of visual loveliness.

And if you’re a designer, artist or illustrator looking for a new outlet with a truly global reach, they’re always on the lookout for new talent too.

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