Sending high-res photos, home video, or any other data-hungry bits and pieces isn't really practical over email, so if you routinely have to send large files, there are probably a few names you might be familiar with when it comes to free, online solutions.

If you haven’t already, add to the list.

This is one of the simplest ways to send large volumes of stuff we’ve come across and you don’t even need to register with them. Just upload your stuff, tell it where to go and the job’s done.

With a size limit of 2GB, and no restriction when it comes to the number of files, this service makes some of its competitors look positively miserly.

They’re upfront about how they can offer this service for free too: those fancy wallpapers you see while you’re uploading your files are all paid-for advertising and you can even download them if you see something you really like.

There are other ways to do this kind of thing, but this one could be our new favourite.

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