If the internet has done one thing above all others, it’s made things so much faster. Getting your fix of just about anything is now just a few clicks away, and news is no exception to that. Far from it.

And if the events of 2011 taught us one thing above all others, it’s that the truth cannot be contained any more. People found ever more inventive ways to circumvent authoritarian regimes to get their stories heard through social networking, so all of a sudden every newsroom on the planet was keeping one eye on the wires and the other on social media. The speed with which local events became global stories was unprecedented.

At www.newswhip.com you can keep track of what news is trending on the web, so you won’t have to go cross-eyed trying to keep up.

This is a quick, clean and efficient way to see what’s being shared worldwide, and we’re all firm fans already.

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