Any kind of Apple announcement is exciting, even if it is one about education. Learning is fun after all and it is about to get more fun, presumably with whatever excitement it is that Apple announces on the 19 January.

An invite to a New York press event, complete with the city's skyline drawn in chalk on a blackboard, has been sent to journalists. 

Whilst we doubt we will be seeing the iPad 3 or Apple TV announcement at the event, it is possible Apple could announce something new in hardware terms. What is more likely, however, are deals with a set of top level education publishers, as well as improvements to the iBooks app for those who want to use it for school.

The previous iPad 2 launch featured a pretty heavy emphasis on the benefits that Apple's tablets had brought to education. Jobs also discussed textbooks on iBooks with biographer Walther Isaacson, so it is entirely possible this is exactly what is coming. 

What we aren't sure about is whether the announcement will affect iPad/Apple users globally or will remain a US only event for the meantime. If it is publishing related then it may be that different countries see different deals on different textbooks, something which will vary within different education systems and different languages. 

We will have more on the announcement on the 19 Jan.

Like the idea of an education orientated iBooks? Let us know in the comments below...

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