APP OF THE DAY: Scultpeo review (iOS)

Pocket-lint has a rather special App of the Day coming to you straight from CES 2012 in Las Vegas and we guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The app itself is brand new from a company that’s just getting this particular service going, so it’s a touch raw at the moment.

All the same, it’ll make an amusing free download to try out even if you don’t go all the way to the paid part of the service. You’ll see what we mean in a minute.



Free (sort of)


The Sculpteo website has a service that’s been around for a while. If you can send them a 3D graphical design from a largely professional software package, the company will have it 3D printed for you and send it to your door. Very nice indeed if you happen to be able to do that kind of thing without a problem.

Most of us, of course, cannot and that’s where the Sculpteo iOS app comes in. The company has got a handful of designers on board to provide, currently, five or six objects that you can have printed out. These are espresso cups, slightly larger cups, vases, bowls and other ornaments.

Now, that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun on its own but where the app comes in is that you can customise it. Take a picture of yourself in profile with your device’s camera and then the app uses the line of your image to shape either the vase or cup. The cup is probably more subtle and useful, but the vases made from side faces are really quite stunning. Glance at them and you might not get it but once you know how they’re made, it’s hard to shift what you see. What’s also quite nice is that you can chose exactly how much of your profile you wish to use - the whole length or just a section.

The objects range from $40-$300 to get them produced and posted and the process will take 30 days, although Sculpteo is planning to cut that in half. This time next year, company CEO Clement Moreau is planning on having 1,000 designers on board to offer a lot more in the way of choice too, as well as more ways to make them your own.