The UK Association for Interactive Entertainment has released a list of the top ten best selling games in 2011. Most of it is relatively unsurprising, like Call of Duty sitting at the top, but there are games in the list in positions that we didn't expect.

Second came FIFA 12, followed closely by Battlefield 3, which in all honesty we had expected to be positioned the other way round. EA's shooter built by DICE was something different to the usual online Call of Duty experience and clearly made a big impact from day one. Both, however, were relatively puny in comparison to COD's sales, which grabbed £83 million in the first week. Battlefield 3 did stay within the top 10 most popular week one sales however.

Next up was Zumba fitness, the first motion sensing title in the lineup. Sitting at fourth, it shows how much things like Kinect have infiltrated into the gaming market. In fifth was The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, which stood out as one of our favourite games last year. Released relatively recently, it hasn't had as long to accumulate sales as other titles. 

Dance 3 in sixth was the next motion control title. It was our best reviewed Kinect game this year and is definitely worth picking up if you have one of the devices. Assassins Creed: Revelations followed, with L.A. Noire sitting in eighth.

The real major surprise of the line up was that Saints Row: The Third sits above Batman: Arkham City. The latter picked up a Pocket-lint award for Game of the Year.

What was your favourite games this year? Let us know in the comments below... 

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