Over the past couple of years, science has seemingly become the new rock ‘n’ roll, with superstars like Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins commanding huge audiences and high-profile headlines. We’ve even had comedy embracing the inner geek in all of us, with the likes of Dara O’Briain and Robin Ince celebrating their scientific roots and getting big laughs while doing it.

So, we reckon the Royal Institute’s new online channel at richannel.org could be attracting a wider audience than it might have once upon a time.

It’s a collection of scientific videos, including the famous RI Christmas Lectures, which this year took a long hard and surprisingly entertaining look at the human brain.

If you’ve had your interest in science piqued by its headlong march into the mainstream, this is a good place to bone up on some basics or explore some more in-depth areas.

Lab coats are not required, just a curious nature and a few minutes of surfing time.

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