The very best gadgets of CES 2012 is what we bring you at Pocket-lint, but this page right here is even better. It's the best of the best, the best-est, the tip top, the A-No.1 As far as the hottest gadgets of world's largest consumer electronics trade show goes.

Throughout our time in Las Vegas this year, the team will be updating this page with the devices that really catch our eye. So, if we think something has a bright future, is highly original or just gets our geek juices flowing for some unknown reason, you'll find it here. These are the hottest gadgets of CES 2012 and the ones we think you should be taking notice of.

We all went "ooh" when the Acer Iconia Tab A200 was officially announced earlier back in December but then went "boo" when we found out it was a Tegra 2 machine and not a much anticipated Tegra 3 flavoured one. But our Kal-El Iconia expectations look set to be met with the Ice-Cream Sandwich-packing Acer Iconia Tab A700 now confirmed as a quad-core device.

The Android 4.0.1, 10.1-inch tab boasts a Full HD 1080p resolution and what appears to be SIM, micro-USB, micro-HDMI and audio jack fun too. There's a camera on the back, purportedly a 5-megapixel one that can shoot HD video, but we couldn't get that confirmed. Read more | Hands-on

Take the hugely successful retro-styled, APS-C sized sensor camera that is the Fuji X100, give it a mount for interchangeable Fujinon lenses and you've got yet another red hot gadget from CES 2012. The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is a 16-megapixel machine with the added benefit of Fujifilm's now familiar EXR technology.

In terms of glassware, it's reported that the X-Pro 1 will get three prime lenses - an 18mm F/2, 35mm F/1.4 and 60mm F/2.4 macro. The other thing to note about the X-Pro 1 is that it offers a hybrid viewfinder similar to the highly acclaimed one in the X100. Read more

The heat from the Griffin Twenty is all about the fact that it can turn any speakers into AirPlay ready ones saving you the chore of having to upgrade if you want to stream your music around your house. The new gadget uses an Airport Express to capture the AirPlay stream, decodes it, then sends the lossless, amplified sound through any speakers connected.

The Twenty comes equipped with a power connection and mount for Airport Express and features a 2.1 channel sound system with 20W output per channel, as well as offering users the chance to plug in a powered subwoofer with an automatic active crossover at 80Hz. Hands-on

A clever idea from Lenovo makes for a laptop that can provide far greater battery life for day-to-day tasks than a normal, Windows-based PC. For things like surfing the net, watching video or writing documents you just put Windows in to sleep mode, and switched to a Linux-based OS.

The system works using not just an Intel CPU, but also a dual-core Qualcomm processor too. Using a processor like this obviously cuts power consumption enormously, and while you won't be able to run games and other Windows applications, it's ideal when you need a bit of stamina from your laptop.

It's nice and slim too, making for a laptop that has all of the advantages of a Windows-powered computer, but with some additional benefits too. Hands-on

iPad owners will, no doubt, have been waiting for this for some time. It's just amazing it's taken this long for someone to invent a guitar shaped case for the iPad. Of course, the idea here is that you can play guitar on your iPad, whilst looking like some sort of idiot at the same time.

The good news is, for a modest 65 quid, you do get a bit of kit that, when linked to an Ion application, can teach you how to play the guitar. It does this with lights that illuminate where your fingers need to be. Is it a serious tool, or a money-wasting gimmick? We'll investigate when it eventually launches in the UK. For now though, at least it takes pretending to be Slash to a whole new level. Photos

Had you read this article yesterday, we might have been telling you about a different phone here. But the current champion in the "world's slimmest phone" stakes is the Huawei Ascend P1 S, which is a lot thinner than that clumsy name. But, with a depth of just 6.68mm, it certainly is a tiny little thing. 

There's a 1.5Ghz dual-core TI processor here too, and 1GB of RAM, so it's diminutive size shouldn't mess up its performance at all. The phone will also ship with Android in its Ice Cream Sandwich flavour, which is a relief, as a phone this slim deserves a full-fat OS. Hands-on

OLED TVs are something of the tech industry's unicorn. They're exciting, but pretty much mythical. Until now that is, because LG is finally showing of a 55-inch TV, beating the previous record set by Sony of 11-inches in a production model.

What's more, the asking price of $8000 (£5188) sounds like a bit of a bargain to us. Although it's not cheap, compare it to the launch prices of LCD and plasma TVs, and it stacks quite favourably. And with OLED offering super-fast refresh rates and amazing colour, this could be the start of something very exciting.

Of course. OLED has a lot of quirks too. Panels are said to have a short lifespan, and their vivid colour might look good on demo loops, but how will it look showing an episode of Eastenders? Hands-on

Sony might have some troubles at the moment, but in phones it seems to have finally cracked the winning formula. The Xperia S proves this by rocking up at CES with a 720p HD screen, 1.5GHz processor and built-in storage of 32GB. It also has a little bit of clear plastic that makes it appear as if it's in two pieces.

But design gimmicks aside, we have a lot of love for this phone already. It looks stylish, cool and subtle. It's also likely to be one of the first phones to do away with the Sony Ericsson name. It is not, however, going to be one of the first phones of 2012 that has Ice Cream Sandwich but an upgrade is promised this year. Read more 

Considering the Lumia 900 might not come to the UK, we're still as excited as children on Christmas day about it. Many of the things we'd change about out 800 have been tweaked on the 900. Gone is the USB flap, added is a new, wide-angle video camera on the front and the screen is just that little bigger and sexier. 

It's a 4G LTE phone too, which means super-fast surfing where those networks are in place. Happily, the UK and Europe should start seeing support for these speeds soon, but until then, the main advantage of the Lumia is just for the Americans - explaining why it's on sale there, not here. Hands-on

Since the Pioneer Kuro went the way of the Dodo, we've missed having an ultimate plasma TV to drool on. The good news is, Panasonic continues its quest to bring Kuro technology to its Viera screens. Last year's VT30 was already one of the best TVs we've seen, and the VT50 looks even better. You'll be able to get this TV in both 55- and 65-inches so you might want to start clearing space now.

There is THX 3D certification, a stunning one-piece glass design and a new kind of remote that is designed for the new "smart" TV features that are common on new TVs. You'll also get built-in support for Skype, Netflix and YouTube, which should help when there's nothing good on the telly. Read more

If you could marry a laptop, then we have a feeling that we'd tie the knot with the Dell XPS 13 in a rush wedding in Las Vegas. Sure, it might only last a few years, but we'd have a blast thanks to that carbon fibre and aluminium body. It's got brains, as well as looks too, with a choice of i5 and i7 processors 4GB of RAM and a choice of 128 or 256GB SSD drives. 

The XPS 13 will be available from March, and while it's not the first Ultrabook we've seen - we've been around the block you know - it certainly looks like the prettiest yet. Hands-on preview

As names go, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook has to be one of the worst yet. Sure, it's not as bad as the model numbers that come stamped on some TVs, but as a clumsy pile of nonsense it's right up there. But that hasn't put us off this intriguing machine. It's an Ultrabook, with all that involves, but it also has a twisty screen that allows it to be used as a tablet too. 

Let's be honest here. It's not going to upset the iPad apple cart too much, is it, but as an idea for a different kind of Ultrabook, it's a pretty good one. Lenovo has form here too, it's done laptops that convert in to tablets before, and they're always pretty decent. Hands-on

Look at your window. Now look at the Samsung smart window. Now look back at your window, and cry at how boring and low-tech it is. The idea here, is to turn glass surfaces in to information points, and places for you to watch video as well as maintain your privacy. 

Samsung says, you won't be able to see on from the other side, so people who enjoy being naked in the privacy of their own home need not worry. Like all concepts, this is doubtless a long way off, but we can't wait. Read more

The camera on the iPhone is very good but there's always room for improvement, or room even for a little more picture. Which is where the iPro comes in. It gives you a choice of two lenses. One a normal wide-angle and the other a fairly extreme fisheye.

The kit is $200 in the US, but it's expected to be available globally soon. Hands-on

Intel has been left out of the smartphone market, and that must hurt. After all, it's used to being king of the processors and suddenly it's being overtaken by the likes of Qualcomm. Our first impressions were good, the phones seems powerful and there's a lot of potential here. 

Of course, most users won't care what processor powers their phone. Do you know what's in your handset running the show? But even so, it brings more competition, could help speed phones up and should certainly drive prices down. Hands-on

4K production isn't new, certainly this is how digital cinema has worked since it first started. But for a home camcorder aimed at normal people, costing just a few thousand pounds, it's quite an advance. 

JVC says editing and watching 4K footage is straightforward, although you'll need a quick computer. The camera shoots to SD cards, so storage is cheap, and if you want to step down to 1080p, that's no problem either, as the advanced optics mean you'll get superb quality. Read more

Image Credit: "Las Vegas At Night"