In the developed world, there are certain things many of us take for granted. Running water, wireless broadband and a Starbucks very fifty feet are just a few examples, and 24-hour rolling news is yet another. But do we ever think twice about what all those news channel tell us while we're sipping our skinny soya lattes?

Around the globe, most state broadcasters are influenced, to a greater or lesser degree, by the ruling parties. Private news organisations famously have their own agendas and so figuring out what’s actually happening can prove a bit tricky.

A potential antidote to this can be found at, a US-based news site which aims to be completely independent and to represent the little people.

It makes interesting reading, particularly when you compare it to some of the other US networks' coverage, and whether you like the approach or not, it’s certainly one way of getting a bit of balance into the rolling news coverage that we’re bombarded with.

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