As we’ve said before here at Pocket-Lint, the comic strip has had something of a revival in recent times, with big screen adaptations dominating the summer blockbuster release schedule and graphic novels becoming the new bestsellers. Prices for rare old comics are going crazy too, so it’s encouraging to see the art form coming of age at

This is a “scroll book” coded in HTML5 and we think it looks stunning. As you scroll down, the story moves with you and the illustrations are top notch. Or, you can switch the “couch mode” on and watch the action unfold automatically.

Sign up to follow the story as it develops and you can keep up to date with the dark, post-apocalyptic tale of Alex, the eponymous hero and mankind’s last hope, on Facebook too.

We can’t wait to see where this one goes, and we reckon it could be the start of a new chapter for the comic strip.

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