Texting is, let’s face it, so last year. As 2011 drew to a close, even the mainstream media was rife with talk of instant messaging services like BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage – services that allow people to stay in touch, in real-time, on their smartphones – often for free.

For 2012, along comes kik.com. It’s exactly the same thing, only it’s cross-platform so it doesn’t matter what phones your mates have, you can get the same instant, always-on conversation style with everybody in your address book. And with the service running as part of your data plan or over Wi-Fi, it won’t cost you the earth.

The app is available for all smartphones and there are also other apps that will “kik” too, so you can share the stuff you like with the people you love.

Early days for this, but it’s taking off steadily and could be the next name bandied around the mainstream media when social media inevitably comes to the fore again.

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