Losing your digital camera is a trauma. Not only is there the expense, but there’s the loss of any images you’ve not yet had the chance to download.

But technology is at hand to help with at least trying to reunite you with your kit, even if the pictures are gone forever.

Metadata in your images can help trace your camera when it goes astray by comparing the EXIF info in your shots with pictures uploaded onto the internet. Whoever ends up with your camera, whether they’re an unwitting buyer or a low-life thieving rascal, is quite likely to upload their own images to social networks or picture sharing sites.

If they do, this site can find them and alert you to the fact that your camera is back in circulation.

It’s a clever use of information that many people don’t even realise is there, and www.stolencamerafinder.com has had some great successes in reuniting snappers with their lost kit recently.

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