If you've spent way too much time trawling round the high street shops this festive season, then www.bouf.com might appeal to you.

You won’t find the same old stuff, from the same old labels here. At Bouf you’ll find unique, even quirky, home wares and gifts for anybody who doesn't like to surround themselves with the same stuff that everybody else has.

The best bit about the site is that it’s a true marketplace, more than just a retailer. If you’re designer or maker of things that you think might fit in here, you can apply to become a seller. That means that most of this stuff is coming direct from source, so that “you won’t see this anywhere else” angle is true most of the time.

We love this stuff, and we only wish we’d seen it before Christmas so we could’ve done our shopping here.

Worth bookmarking regardless, as it’s a great place to shop for gifts for all occasions.

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