As we approach year-end, images and reminders of what happened over the past 12 months bombard us from every angle.

Still one of the most shocking for us is the UK rioting, which brought chaos and devastation to the streets of our major cities over three nights in August. But amidst all that was some of the most uplifting news footage we’ve seen in a long while.

Those armies of people taking to their streets with brooms, mops and buckets, to clean up after the rampaging hordes and reclaim their neighbourhoods, gave us hope that we haven’t all become selfish, money-grabbing hermits.

This is an ethos borne out by too, as local people get together online (just like the broomstick army did using Twitter and Facebook) to make their local communities better places.

The projects set up range from youth festivals to gardening schemes, but all of them have the sole aim of making the local areas better places to live.

We reckon this is perfect for a New Year’s resolution or two, so take a look and get involved with your community if you can.

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