I’m not quite sure what was in the turkey curry I just demolished, but I appear to have entered an entirely new online realm, judging by what I’ve seen at www.ro.me.

This is not an online guide to the Italian capital, but an online exploration of somebody's  vivid imagination, in the form of an interactive film called 3 Dreams of Black made by Chris Milk and “some friends at Google”.

This is essentially a showcase of what can be done to create stunning visuals in a browser, using WebGL, a clever little bit of HTML5 that lets you create amazing graphics without users needing a plugin.

This film is a totally immersive experience, with music by Danger Mouse, Daniel Luppi and Norah Jones, and as you travel through the dreamscape you can use the cursor to explore the bits that catch your eye.

This is next generation stuff and we’ve spent ages playing with it.

We reckon you might too.

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