If Santa’s sack proved less than fruitful for you this year, and you’ve been left staring at the same old gaming titles on your shelf, fear not. We have a free online solution to help you fend off any seasonal boredom.

At www.rocketgames.com you’ll find a whole raft of Flash games to while away the time between Christmas and New Year, especially if you’re stuck in an office somewhere because your boss thinks Ebeneezer Scrooge is a role model.

There’s a few old favourites here, like Plants vs Zombies, City Drifters and the obligatory suite of Angry Birds titles, as wells as a few even we haven’t seen before. There’s fighting games, sports games, flight simulators and the random weirdness you’d expect from a Flash game archive.

In all, this is a great way to avoid doing any actual work, or avoiding having to eat yet another stale mince pie.


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