Helvetica is so 2011, or so says the Comic Sans Project - a site created to extol the merits of what, until now, has been considered the poorest, most useless font-based weapon in the Windows PC's arsenal. And to prove it, the self-appointed Comic Sans Defenders are openly inviting submissions of popular logos to recreate using the scribbly, childish text style.

They are quite literally pouring in, in their ones and twos, and mainly of gaming and technology brands. Android has fallen foul, er, been improved by the font's formerly unloved touch, as has the Xbox 360 moniker. Others include PlayStation, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and many (well, a couple) more.

We've even gone to the great effort of re-rendering the Pocket-lint logo in Comic Sans, and will leave it to you to decide on the outcome.

If you're not so keen, you could always follow another path and support the Ban Comic Sans website instead. Certainly, we can sense an epic battle coming from all of this; something to rival cats versus dogs; Android versus iOS; M&Ms versus Smarties, even. It could get bloody.

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