It’s one of life’s universal certainties: at Christmas, when you might actually find you have a bit more time to sit down, put your feet up and watch a bit of telly, there is never, ever, anything decent on.

You’d be forgiven for thinking about straying online to find something to watch, and is a good place to find inspiration.

As its name might suggest, it’s a site devoted to trailers, best bits and other movie shorts, so when you can’t decide what to rent or download, it’s a great pace to dip your toes in the cinematic waters to see what appeals to you.

You can search by theme, director, actor, mood, composer – just about anything that might help dictate what you end up watching in full.

From Hollywood classics, through independent hidden gems to the latest blockbuster releases, if you can’t find something worth watching here, you might as well give up and read that book your Aunty Janet sent you for Christmas…

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