If you’re heading off into the boonies to spend time with your nearest and dearest for Christmas, but still haven’t actually received all their gifts, fear not. You’ve still got time to do something about it. Well, you probably haven’t really, but we’ve got something that might help in future.

We’ve all heard the tales of couriers leaving parcels in wheelie bins “for safe keeping” and packages being put in a deserted alleyways because it “looked secure”. Yeah, right.

But at my.bybox.com you can rent a secure electronic locker for all your parcels to go to, then pick them up at your convenience. With over 400 locations nationwide, there should be one somewhere near most of our UK readers.

It’s certainly a good way to make sure you never miss another parcel and this is certainly a greener way to get stuff shipped around – once you remove all the to-ing and fro-ing the couriers’ big, thirsty vans do with missed drops, this all starts to make sense.

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