We talked food waste the other day, and it got us all talking about our shopping, cooking and eating habits. As we chatted, uk.foodie.fm came up in the conversation.

It’s sort of a "Facebook for food" (but not quite, as you can still link to the world’s favourite social network from it) and aims to help you “eat well” and “shop smart” by sharing your foodie tips with like-minded gastronauts and gourmets.

As is always the case with the internet, no matter what your tastes, fetishes or foibles, there’s likely to be somebody out there who shares your passion and will want to chat about it. With this you can share your favourite recipes, plan your meals and do your shopping with the mobile app and maybe even discover some new flavours and experiences (and don’t worry, we’re still talking about food…)

This is a successful Finnish enterprise that is reaching out to the UK and we reckon it could prove popular, especially if it helps us get the most out of our food.

Now if somebody on here can let me know how to make the perfect Christmas pudding, I'm laughing...

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