The phrase “try before you buy” is something most people look for before making any significant purchase.

You wouldn’t buy a car without driving it. You wouldn’t move in to a new house without having a good look round. You wouldn’t even buy a new pair of shoes without pacing up and down the shoe shop a couple of times.

But with gadgets, apps and games, often you’ve only got a review to go on. We know our reviews are the best around, but there’s still no guarantee you’re going to love to product we’re talking about without you actually laying your hands on it.

For games, there’s nothing worse than believing the hype, buying the next big thing and then getting it home to find the whole thing a bit underwhelming.

At you can try the biggest and best games before you shell out, and as it’s supported by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, this is no low-grade dodgy pirate copy you’re playing – it’s the real deal.

It's free, high-quality gaming in the browser of your choice.

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