As we enter the home straight in the annual race to the limits of excess that Christmas has become, it’s perhaps a good time to stop and take stock of some of the things that many of us will be taking for granted at the weekend.

A table full of gloriously gluttonous food is a fine tradition, but how many of us spare a thought for those who perhaps won’t have such a seasonal spread to look forward to.

What’s even more sobering is the sheer volume of perfectly edible food that is considered unfit for sale or consumption and is simply thrown away. It's a scandal. But thankfully, organisations like are trying to do something about it.

Their mission is twofold: they want to tackle food poverty and they want to put stop to the millions (yes, millions) of tonnes of food waste we produce every year.

It’s a noble mission and while we don’t want to put a downer on the festivities, we urge you two think about what you buy, what you eat, and what you consider fit for nowhere but the bin.

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