With the British press still being put through the mangle on a daily basis, keeping an eye on the front pages of the newspapers has proved an interesting exercise in recent weeks.

Some have been screaming about injustice and wrongdoing. Some have seemed to ignore what’s right in front of their noses and have stuck to tried and tested storylines to muddle their way through the storm.

We’re not saying anything one way or another (mainly because we haven’t seen or heard from our lawyer since the Christmas party!), but the current scrutiny of investigative journalism and the methods deployed in its name is certainly polarising the editorial approaches of the fourth estate, if nothing else.

If you want to see just how different the front pages can be, then look no further than www.frontpagestoday.co.uk.

It’s like a virtual newsstand, giving you a glimpse of what’s on offer from each title, with handy links to their online portals if you choose to explore further, and with titles from all over the globe, this is a fascinating insight into world events.

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