We've had a mini-break of late, but episode 65 of the Pocket-lint Podcast marks a beginning of a run of editions that will arrive in rapid succession over this seasonal time of year.

This week, Rik Henderson, Stuart Miles and Paul Lamkin examine Nokia's comments that youths find the iPhone boring and Android baffling, with some interesting further thoughts of their own. They also explain why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has become the fastest selling entertainment product of all time, and highlight the dangers of watching Eastenders on BBC iPlayer over 3G.

The team mulls over the Amazon Kindle Fire's chances in the UK, when it, most likely, launches in January, and reveal what app on their mobile devices they currently use the most.

Plus, the game review this week is Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim. Lovely jubbly!

So, join the team for a young and fresh podcast, that's more youth worker than euthanasia.

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