Every cosmopolitan city on the planet has its "creative quarter". That place where all the new media types gather to dream up the "next big thing" while wearing pointy shoes, skinny jeans and pork pie hats, as their single speed bikes hang from the office walls like the artworks they probably think they are.

In London, it's Hoxton that is one such epicentre of agency types with last names for first names and asymmetrical haircuts.

Once upon a time, and not that long ago, you could've bought an entire building for thruppence ha'penny. These days a bottle of imported lager in one of Hoxton's bars will have you upping the limit on your credit card mid-session.

It's not much of a surprise that many people find the whole place a bit of a laugh, and www.hohohoxton.com illustrates the point quite festively.

It's good-natured mockery with a seasonal twist, as “the trendiest Santa in Hoxton” records a seasonal greeting for people you suggest.

This will ring true for many, no matter where you live. Everybody knows somewhere like Hoxton.

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