Five years ago, if somebody had told you that the future was in little bits of software you could give away for free, or for just a nominal fee, they'd probably have laughed in your face.

Then came the iPhone and all that changed.

Apple recently passed the 18 billion downloads mark. That's a hell of a lot of little bits of software and that doesn't even touch the total, when you consider Android, BlackBerry and every other app-based platform out there.

So it's become a developer’s world, but that doesn't mean all the ideas have been developed. Far from it, if is to be believed.This is a clever crowd-sourcing app engine, where people pitch their ideas for new apps and, if enough people vote for it, a team of developers will turn it into a reality.

We love this and reckon quite a few of these suggests will be hitting the app store of choice sometime soon.

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