More GoPro HD Hero extreme antics - this time pogoing madness (video)

The GoPro HD Hero extreme sports-friendly camcorder has been some peculiar places. One was recently strapped to Garrett McNamara's surfboard as he successfully rode a 90-foot wave, breaking a record in the process. And another found itself in our editor of reviews Ian Morris' back garden - a far scarier place. However, we'd not seen one strapped to a pogo stick before...

Pogo GoPro is a short film of some of the wackiest extreme pogo stunts we've ever seen, and takes its name from the fact that the entire video was filmed on the GoPro HD Hero.

To get the full high definition effect, we recommend you watch it in 720p, as, not only are there some awesome leaps, somersaults and nad-cringingly close calls, but it's filmed beautifully and really shows off the camera's many abilities (man, we're such geeks here at Pocket-lint).

There is also some great editing work by Nick McClintock and cool music by Broke For Free. The pogoers also deserve some credit, of course, so mucho respect to Fred Grzybowski, Nick McClintock (again), Tone Staubs, Dalton Smith, Curt Markwardt, Michael Mena, Chadd Deitz, Earl Pote and Steve Bennett.

Now, go and get yourselves proper jobs. Heh...