There's not much that's more frustrating, especially at this time of year, than getting home from a hard day's work to find a little card on your doormat telling you that you've missed that all-important delivery of your Mum's present, or your new party frock.

"Free delivery" from online retailers often means you get what you pay for: a basic service that will have you traipsing off to a godforsaken industrial estate on Saturday morning to stand in a queue while somebody rummages although the thousands of other parcels which have been stockpiled at the depot.

Cue, a service aimed at people who are prepared to pay for getting their goods when they want them.

Through this service you can get somebody to sit in your home while you're out, waiting for your deliveries.

It's not cheap (£60 doesn't go far these days, but it's still a lot to pay somebody for, effectively, just sitting around for half a day) but if you've shelled out for something special for Christmas, you might think it's worth the extra to make sure you get everything you've ordered on time.

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