Forget dragonscale, behold the Skyrim bacon helmet!

File this one under scary and mental, one Skyrim fan has built himself a Dragonborn helmet made entirely out of bacon. No, really.

Reddit user Liktwo claims that his Baconborn helmet is made out of enough bacon to feed six to eight people, and, once worn and photographed, it was actually eaten. The strips of piggy goodness were laid over a tin foil shell, which was removed after baking.

It's hard to know what was going through his mind (apart from bacon fat after it was on his head), but we've got to applaud the effort that's gone into it. We may have had an Angry Birds cake or two here on Pocket-lint, but we've never seen such inventive use of meat before. So, a hearty "well done".

We're also proud of ourselves for getting through this entire story without once referring to it as a "glistening porky helmet"... Or suggested that it could be followed up with a beefy bayonet... Oh...

Have you seen any other games-related items made out of meat products? How about a Solid Snake eye patch made out of a vegetarian burger? Let us know in the comments below...