Boom, bang, pow! One way to grab people’s attention is to make a very loud noise whenever you can. It’s one of the basic principles behind advertising.

Not quite so easy to do online, but Old Spice, the smellies-for-men brand that time forgot, have found another way to make a noise - in their own unique fashion.

A couple of years ago, they introduced us to Old Spice Man. Remember him? He rode horses and spouted things that made you look bad in front of your wife or girlfriend (or both!)

Well, this time he's back to make amends by giving you something that every man really wants to see. Lots of things being blown up – all you need to do is hit the button. Or at least get his (unnecessarily muscley) arm to do it for you, at

As the great man himself says: “Do you like explosions? Of course you do. I feel stupid for even asking such a preposterous question. Here you go. Happy Holidays, The Old Spice Man”


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