It's a universal truth that when somebody says they're an actor, most people will instantly think of the word "unemployed". It's the same for musicians, only the word people think of is usually "struggling".

It's a tough break, but in modern society often the most creative people don't get to make a living at what they do, so anything that can help people to raise their profile has got to be a good thing. is just such a thing.

It's an online platform which allows musicians to get together and collaborate on projects, without any of the expense of packing up a drum kit or a stack of amps into a rusty old Transit van and heading off into the wilds on the motorway.

At the moment there's a competition to win a new VW Beetle too, so if you're handy with a plectrum or a dab hand with the bongos, sign up and get jamming. At the very least you'll meet some new musical mates.

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