Microsoft has published a video demo of its new Windows 8 app store, the Windows Store. The video shows Windows 8 and its 'metro style app' hub and explains how developers can use the store to make money. 

First up is the revenue sharing, which Microsoft has pegged at 70 per cent for new applications. Post $25,000 then developers will make 80 per cent. The store will launch in over a 100 different languages and grant developers the ability to localise apps easily. 

Without getting majorly bogged down in all the business talk that Microsoft goes into in the video, the bottom line is that Windows 8 has a huge reach. The Windows Store can also be linked to directly via web pages and will also be integrated into search engines, making it easier to sell apps. 

The store looks very similar to that sitting on Windows Phone 7, with as little hierarchy of pages as possible, allowing you to get to applications quickly for download. 

The Windows Store will be opened alongside the Windows 8 beta in late February next year. Microsoft is also running an apps contest for developers to be sat in the store at launch of the beta. Check it out here

Windows Store exciting? Or not? Let us know in the comments below ... 

Hunter Skipworth

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