BlackBerry has lost the trademark battle over its new BBX operating system with BASIS International and its current software which uses the same name. 

The US Federal Court blocked the company from using the name following court proceedings. Not a major problem says BlackBerry, who immediately announced they would name the new OS BlackBerry 10, which makes sense given previous OS names. 

The company announced the name change at BlackBerry DevCon Asia and since have got in touch with Pocket-lint to give us this statement: 

"We don't typically comment on pending litigation - but we actually unveiled the new brand for our next gen platform at DevCon Asia today (today Singapore time). We'll be using the "BlackBerry 10" brand name for our next generation mobile platform, which will bring the best of the BlackBerry and QNX platforms to customers and partners. The BlackBerry 10 name reflects the significance of the new platform and will leverage the global strength of the BlackBerry brand while also aligning with our device branding."

To us BlackBerry 10 seems a much better name than BBX anyway, partly because the brand name itself is actually in there. The new OS is a means for BlackBerry to bring its mobile and tablet infrastructure under the same operating system. 

What do you think to BBX? Let us know in the comments below ... 

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