Pictures of Apple's new Campus 2 have been posted by the Cupertino City Council, along with a more than 40 MB in size document detailing all the plans for the new Apple building.

As you would expect, it is utterly stunning. Drawing on all of Apple's usual design expertise and ethos, the giant ring was described by Steve Jobs as a campus that "expresses the values of the company for generations."

Google just recently showed off all the fun that could be had at its London offices, which include things like night club style meeting rooms and a coffee lab. We doubt many will ever see the secrets that will eventually lie inside the new Apple campus 2, but just looking at these renders from the outside is exciting enough.

The UFO look remains the same but the split level sections of certain parts of the ring remind us even more of something from Close Encounters.

Things like special circulation routes for vehicles and people are all part of the clever design concepts built into the campus. The real treat however is the greenery involved, with a special arborist from Stamford pulled in for the project. Apple plans on surrounding the 2.8 million square feet building with no less than 6000 different species of trees.

Not a bad place for 13,000 Apple employees to be working. Still, doesn't compare to the Pocket-lint labs. Shame about the secret location, or we would love to show you.

If you do fancy seeing a bit more of the Apple campus, then head to the Cupertino City Council site and get downloading!  

What do you think to the Apple campus? Let us know in the comments below ... 

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