What do you get if you cross random cat videos and songs from YouTube? Procatinator of course.

Most likely the best cat music website you’ll have ever seen, the idea is that you zip over to the site when you are feeling down and need a quick pick up.

Whether it’s George Michael’s Careless Whisper or Queen singing Bohemian Rhapsody you’ll get a random cat strutting its stuff and some tunes to listen to as well (This one will certainly pump up the jam: http://procatinator.com/?cat=4).

What else does the site offer? Well nothing, but hitting the refresh button never gave you so much joy.

Better still when you do find a cat music combination you like you can get the permalink so you can share it with your friends.

As we saw one person on Twitter say:

“This is what the Internet was created for.”

See what cat and music combination you get at http://procatinator.com

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