Yesterday we told you about somebody who could help you decide what to drink when you hit the town. Today's recommendation will help you find where to go and which bars, pubs and clubs have the best deals, if you’re planning on visiting London this festive season. is a newish site developed by a pair of Londoners who realised that finding decent places to drink in the capital can be a bit daunting.

If you hang around in the West End or Soho you'll see crowds of tourists and out-of-towners queuing to get into the same old bars, pubs and clubs, seemingly unaware that the best places to grab a beer and a bite to eat are often just a short walk or Tube ride away.

Visit any of the areas just outside the centre of London and you're in for a treat. The designer bars of Hoxton and Shoreditch, or the more traditional pubs of Clapham and Balham.

London is a big city, and the choice of watering holes is epic, so a little guidance might come in handy this party season.

The site is planning to extend its services to other cities very soon, so this is one to watch.

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