The party season is in full swing, judging by the hordes of merry office workers already trawling the streets of our fair cities in search of venues where a round of drinks doesn't involved a phone call to a financial advisor.

Going out for the night is a pricey undertaking, even if the boss is paying, so it's no wonder that sites like are becoming more popular. Downing a few pints of cooking lager or a couple of glasses of the house white is all very well, but if you want to enjoy your evening that little bit more, a little education can go a long way. It's quality that counts in these fiscally-squeezed times.

At Wine Anorak, you can get a crash course in what's really worth drinking when it comes to grape-based alcoholic beverages.

It's a blog-style site, written by a journo who really knows his Pinot from his plonk and his Montrachet from his mouthwash, so pay a little attention here and you can seriously impress your drinking buddies the next time you decide to paint the town red.

Or white. Or even rosé....

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