Once upon a time the security services of this little island nation wouldn't admit they even existed.

They were famed for their secretive activities, their anonymous office locations and their cryptic recruitment methods. MI5 allegedly used to run mysterious ads in the broadsheets simply saying things like "Are you waiting for Godot?" with an innocuous sounding PO box address to send your answer to.

It's the sort of thing that only a certain type of person would notice, or even think about responding to, and that was precisely the point.

These days you can apply for a job through their website.

And so it is with GCHQ, our specialist eavesdroppers and codebreakers based Cheltenham. They're looking for the next generation of spy catchers by publishing an online challenge. If you can crack the code, you'll be invited for an interview. Easy, or what?

Well, actually, no it's probably not.

Try your luck at www.canyoucrackit.co.uk.

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