One of the seasonal traditions that many of look forward to is the Advent calendar. What started as a simple pictorial countdown to Christmas is, almost inevitably these days, now so much more.

The new tradition is to have some kind of treat behind every door you open. From chocolates for us mortals, right up to high-class gifts for the uber rich.

But here's one that absolutely everybody can enjoy.

At you'll find a joyous new clip of two fellas dancing in the most unashamedly magnificent fashion.

Each day it's a new track, a new location and a new set of unique dance moves from Lewis and Luke, the creators and stars of this festive treat.

If my editor would let me, this would be Website of the Day every day from now until Christmas (not only is it worthy, I could put my feet up and enjoy the occasional egg nog).

Last year's full calendar is still available, if you fancy a sleek peek of what to expect from the rest of the moment, and you might also find it useful for discovering some new dance moves in time for your office party.

These boys know how to throw some shapes.

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