APP OF THE DAY: EggDrop review (Android & iOS)

Christmas may be the time for buying presents but grabbing yourself a bargain is an all-year-round activity. As ever, sometimes you have to reach a little further than the shops to get what you’re looking for and today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is here to help you with just that.

Today, it’s all about the second hand, brand new in box and slightly grey market that is, effectively, the digital classifieds. Thought you already had enough places to trawl for bargains? Think again.





There are already some pretty hefty internet market websites out there in the shape of Gumtree, eBay and Craigslist but somehow EggDrop has just about found enough of an angle to justify its existence. The focus here is that it’s not so much about what’s for sale but what’s for sale near you.

The sad truth is that the answer is ‘not quite enough’ but, fortunately, what is there seems uncannily like the kinds of things those of the tech persuation would be interested in - games consoles, games, Xbox points, TVs, cables, home cinema systems - as well as second hand cars and all manner of nonsense and bric-a-brac.

What’s nice is that you still get the feeling that there are bargains to be had. The seller posts their item along with its location, a picture, description and a price tag, and it’s up to you then to make an offer if you see fit. The offers stay good until the seller decides to accept one and the deal is done. Pretty straight forward stuff.

What it has over eBay is that it feels a lot more instant with everything a Buy It Now type scenario and no one sitting around until the last minute waiting for lots to expire. It also, of course, gives you an opportunity to shop according to what’s nearby and EggDrop really hammers this home by allowing you to search for items on a map view.

EggDrop is well worth a download. You might not ever actually buy or sell anything using it but it certainly feels like the digital age version of walking round with a folded up copy of Exchange & Mart in your back pocket. Nice motor, that. Not really what I’m in the market for.

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