If you’re anything like most of us here, you probably like to tinker with things. Most gadget freaks do.

We’re not really happy until we’ve taken something apart to see how it really works, often (at least in my case) with little idea as to how to put it back together again. But you have to try these things don’t you?

And that’s precisely the mentality that Honda are appealing to at www.experimentgame.com.

Here you get to play a game based on simple mechanics and problem solving. You’re set a series of challenges and you click and drag the various components around until you get the desired result.

It’s this trial and error method that Honda are suggesting that they use whenever they design new car. Employing a “what if we did it like this” approach to building a car isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. But it seems to work for them and this game is a lot of fun regardless.

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