Acer has announced the Liquid Express smartphone, the latest in its Liquid range of Android phones. Shipping with a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, a Qualcomm 800MHz 7227 processor and a 5-megapixel camera, sadly we don't believe the superhero costume will be in the box. 

Acer plans to ship every Android smartphone from now on with built in NFC. The phone is set to hit Orange and T-Mobile and will be free on the former at a £24 per month contact. Picking the handset up for free on T-Mobile will cost £15.32 per month. 

Acer is promising to make NFC technologies easier to use, as well as promote them along with T-Mobile and Orange. The simple UI and ultra low power consuming processor means the Liquid Express is meant to be one of the longest living handsets in its category. 

Build-wise, the phone features metallic sides and a soft touch effect, similar to other Acer Liquid phones. At the moment, Acer is saying the phone will ship in titanium colouring, it is however shown on the company's website in other colours. 

But why the crazy picture? Acer has set up a microsite for the Liquid Express with a range of superhero pictures and some crazy videos. We're not sure what's going on here, but it certainly raised a chuckle. 

What do you think to the new Acer, or the superhero theme? Let us know in the comments below ... 

Hunter Skipworth

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