It’s the time of year when digital photography really comes into its own.

All those pretty Christmas lights, which turn your normally drab local high street into a scene from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

All those cherished family moments when a loved one opens up that gift they’ve always wanted.

And all those booze-fuelled office indiscretions that nobody will ever believe actually took place with out photographic evidence. Did Alan from accounts really do that with Marjorie from HR? Is that really how the photocopier got busted?

All these moments you can now share instantly online, and if you really want a sense of permanence, you can get these moments printed using a variety of online services too.

One we’ve just found is They’ll do high-quality prints and canvases at great prices and all in time for Christmas if you’re looking to give somebody their special moment to keep.

Not that Alan and Marjorie will thank you for it mind…

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