As the old adage says: you only pass this way once.

Don't worry; we're not going all existentialist on you, especially not on a Friday. But it's true that life is short, so you should surround yourself with nice things whenever the opportunity arises.

Yes, you can buy a print from Ikea to hang on your wall. But how many millions of other people will be staring at the same thing, day in, day out.

Yes, you can pick up a case for your iPhone at your local Carphone Warehouse, but is anybody going to stop you on the street to ask you where you got it?

If you really want to surround yourself with a few things that are a little bit different, you could try somewhere like

Here you'll find affordable art to hang on your wall that won't have people recounting which page of the catalogue they saw it on. And if you want to make your phone or your laptop stand out from the crowd, you'll certainly find something here.

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