APP OF THE DAY: Solo review (Android)

So, you can’t get GarageBand for Android but the musical flavoured App of the Day on Pocket-lint right now is something that would be welcome round a camp fire in a way perhaps that a portable studio would not be.

We’re not saying that this app will turn you into a musical genius - some knowledge of the guitar would help - but if you’ve never quite had the agility to get round the chords or never quite mastered the strum, then this app will have you feeling like a pro in no time.





Before we get started, there is a free version of Solo, Solo Lite, that you can try out to see if it’s for you, but the full version is well worth a download for all the optional extras.

Very simply put, Solo turns your phone into a guitar. The top of the screen allows you to select what chord position you’d like your virtual hand to be in and then you just strum the entire screen or pluck whatever individual notes you choose. Once you’ve had enough of that, you can head into the chords menu where you can select just about anything you could think of as well as go into the editor and makes some custom ones of your own.

If you don’t know much about music, then Solo combines really nicely with a brief in-app internet search of the music of your favourite guitar based bands. Find out what the key chords are to the best songs, choose them from the app and away you go. Eat your heart out Jimmy Page. If that’s not enough of the band experience for you, then Solo can also play one of the songs on your handset in the background while you strum along as well.

The are four standard guitar sounds to choose from - two acoustic and two electric - and all sorts of add-ons and overlays to get lost in. It requires a certain amount of effort to get yourself going, it’s not Angry Birds, but make the step and you’ll find it’s a fantastic bit of software of which you'll never tire.

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